Our activity during the purchase process of real state in Brazil starts with analysis of the realty legal information, so that further measures can be taken.

A real estate in Brazil is a property, which generates different juridical relations between people and public agencies.

For that reason, and to prevent our client from having expenses not generated by him/her, initial measures need to be taken and certificates and documents to analyze the realty legal situation need to be requested.

A frequent case is to first take preparatory measures in public agencies and then create a register at the Land Titles Office.

To do so, we offer our clients the following services for a better assistance:

1. Analysis of the realty legal situation and development of a legal report:

Certificates and documents are requested from the seller or from public agencies; after receiving them, an analysis is performed and we write a report.

2. Client representation so that a pre-agreement is signed:

If, after writing the report mentioned in the above item, we find that the realty cannot be sold immediately due to preliminary measures to be taken, but the buyer still wants to sign the agreement to later legalize the realty situation, a pre-agreement can be made with the seller.

3. Client representation so that the realty deed is signed:

In this activity, we can assist our clients by developing the notarized contract terms, negotiation of its conditions between parties and client representation even if he/she is not in Brazil.