The Portuguese Citizenship

Who is entitled:
Sons or daughters of Portuguese.

The Portuguese citizenship can originate from the maternal or paternal side of the applicant.

If the applicant is grandson and great-grandson of Portuguese, the ascendant should request the Portuguese citizenship first

Only after such ascendant is granted citizenship, the person can require his/her citizenship. It is not possible to cumulate processes at the same time, for example, grandfather, father and applicant.

If the ascendant has passed away, for example:
A person is a grandchild of Portuguese, but his/her grandfather is deceased, it is not possible to require citizenship, because this grandfather should be the first to require it; since he is deceased, he cannot require it and, as a consequence, neither can the father nor his son/daughter.
Documents and certificates from Portugal

It is possible to obtain certificates from all Portuguese cities. It is necessary to know the date and city where the person was born

Period of time
The period of time to obtain citizenship is around 45 days. Such period varies according to the city in which it will be requested. To do so, it is necessary to have the entire documentation regulated. If it is not, the process can take longer, until all documentation is regulated.

This process is completely conducted by this attorney in Portugal. The applicant does not need to go to Portugal to request or take his/her citizenship.

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