The German Citizenship

1. The descent to request citizenship can be of several past generations, for example, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, etc.

2. To request citizenship, the applicant does not need to request citizenship of his/her ancestry, for example, father or grandfather.

Who is entitled:
Descendents of paternal line - Conditions:

a) on/daughter from the relationship of a marriage between a German father married to a foreign or German mother before the applicant was born;

b) son/daughter of German father not married to the child’s mother (if born after 07.01.1993, a paternity test shall be made);

c) son/daughter of German father and mother not married to him, if born before 07.01.1993 through:

1) legitimation (marriage up to 06.30.1998 if there is valid acknowledgment of paternity according to German laws, that is, if parents are not married or if not married until 30.06.1998);

2) declaration of intention to obtain German nationality.
- valid paternity according to German laws
- legitimate stay in Germany for three years
- declaration must be performed before turning 23 years old

Descendants of maternal line – Conditions:

a) child from the relationship of German mother (only children born after 01.01.1975);

b) child from marriage of German mother between 01.04.1953 and 31.12.1974, only if the mother had done the respective declaration to the German consulate abroad (receipt) from 01.01.1975 to 31.12.1977. Such declaration cannot have been done after that period;

Documents and certificates in Germany

It is possible to obtain certificates of German ascendant in all German towns. Date and town in which the person was born are required.


The German naturalization process is entirely conducted by this attorney, directly in the German city of the applicant’s German ascendant.